Top 10 Online CRM Software In 2018

Have you been hearing about online CRM softwares and still manage to let the good customers slip out of your grasp?

When people talk about CRM, they are referring to customer relationship management software. It enables you to locate the interests of your potential customers and keep your pre-existing customers interested, by improving your profitability.

Doing business doesn't only mean the exchange of goods when a consumer is involved. It is necessary for you, as a company, and products, representative to indulge in what your customers opinionated on.

Online CRM software also let you include service users and suppliers alongside customers. It offers a whole package for you to go through a wholesome sales experience. They can further act as product sales and marketing tools, helping your business, instead of only focusing on communication with management.

Why is CRM Softwares Important?

The elixir behind keeping your business tact, and in a higher position, is to strategize your every move. Setting goals, and executing plans, is a process that goes through your worksheets and business meetings. Although, you also require something to know how those ideas have been catching up, and how your executions have been played out.

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    Best CRM Software

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    Customer relationship management softwares help you focus on the relationships that your organization or the one you’re a part of, has created and involves individual people within it. CRM tools help with management of contact, handling of sales, the workflow of processes, the capacity of productivity, analysis of the report, and much more.

    The best CRM software will enable you to possess a clear overview of your customers’ activities and reviews. The CRM tools they have to offer help you view the customer’s previous conversations with you, what their order was and how it is being processed and manages customer service issues with efficiency.

    Customers in the modern day have fickle minds; they voice an issue on one social platform and try to have it solved on other. Hence, platforms like CRM help you assemble their problems in one place.

    It may seem like these CRM solutions have been created and are available only for the sake of large-scale businesses, or company owners with concrete plans and ideas. But software like CRM for small business also exists. New marketers can use CRM to get a better understanding of the framework of sales and the perspective of work that they receive. This report like software facility helps small businesses to brew new, interesting, ideas, and take the decisions of other companies as suggestions.

    For you to benefit from this software, and create a relationship with your contact management, we have listed the 10 best CRM software taking the influence of reviews and ratings from top-rated websites such as GetApp, Capterra, and G2Crowd.

    List of Best Online CRM Software | Best Customer Relationship Management Software

    1. HubSpot CRM – Everything you need to sell in one integrated suite

    About HubSpot CRM : HubSpot CRM has been designed from the ground up and is ready to eliminate manual work and actually help sales teams. It was built ready for the modern world to help users get running and start selling. HubSpot CRM takes care of all the little details – logging emails, recording calls, and managing data – in a very intuitive manner therefore freeing up valuable selling time in the process.

    Company Size : 1001 – 5000 Employees Founded : 2006

    Specialties : inbound marketing, marketing, internet marketing, online marketing, web marketing, software, blogging, SEO, marketing automation, social media, email marketing, analytics, sales, and inbound sales

    “We work all more aligned, we do not lose any information on the customer, we can trace the history of the various points of cotnatto that a customer or a prospect has had with the different departments, we simplify the life and work becomes less stressful with this tool under but no. In addition, integration with the marketing side makes it fly, allowing a truly segmentation of contacts based on their behavior and interactions with our digital content.” – Giovanni F.


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    1095 Reviews


    1807 Reviews


    1095 Reviews

    2. Zoho CRM – Multichannel CRM for businesses of all sizes

    About Zoho CRM : Zoho CRM empowers small to large-sized organizations with a complete customer relationship lifecycle management solution for managing organization-wide Sales, Marketing, Customer Support & Service and Inventory Management in a single business system.

    Company Size : 1001 – 5000   Employees Founded :1996

    Specialties : Online Office, Collaboration and Business Productivity suite, CRM, Productivity, Network Management, Sales, Enterprise IT Management, Social Media Management, Invoicing, Accounting, and Email Marketing

    “Zoho CRM is simple enough to immediately begin improving a company’s sales process out of the box, but powerful enough to create complex workflows, automation, custom solutions, and integrations.” – Marshall M.

    Zoho CRM

    United States


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    1307 Reviews


    736 Reviews


    1307 Reviews

    3. amoCRM – Lead & Sales Management for SMBs

    About amoCRM : When small sales teams need to cut through the noise and win more sales, they choose amoCRM. It’s the only solution that can fully automate the sales process from lead capture to won sale and beyond — we even offer a recurring sales pipeline that’s perfect for SaaS! But as powerful as amoCRM is, it’s also ultra-easy to use. The whole team can get up and running in less than 15 minutes. And we’re all about support: if you need a little extra help, we’re here for you — we offer totally free set up assistance, onboarding and ongoing support. Headquarted in San Francisco, we already serve over 20,000 small and medium worldwide. We’ve received awards and recognitions from Gartner, Finances Online, Software Advice and more.

    Company Size : 51 – 200      Employees Founded : 2009

    Specialties : Customer Relationship Management, Lead Management, Task Management, Widget Integrations, Open API, Sales Automation, Recurring Sales Management, Sales Force Automation, Online CRM, Social CRM, Small business CRM, Cloud CRM, Lead nurture, Contact management, Account based marketing, SaaS CRM, Sales Enablement, Inside Sales, and Sales Management

    “It doesn’t matter if you’re tech-savvy, or if you’ve never heard of Facebook; amoCRM is so easy to use, anyone can navigate it.” – Amanda Tufeld


    United States


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    68 Reviews


    11 Reviews


    68 Reviews

    4. Freshsales – The CRM for high-velocity sales teams

    About Freshsales : Freshsales is a sales CRM designed for high-growth, high-velocity sales teams with features such as, built-in phone and email, lead scoring, user behavior tracking and automation, along with other CRM-related features on one platform. Freshsales is a part of the Freshworks product family, whose flagship product, Freshdesk, is the leading customer support solution with over 100,000 customers world-wide.

    Company Size : 501 – 1000      Employees Founded : 2011

    Specialties : saas, sales crm, startups, crm software, Marketing, CRM, and Sales crm system

    “With Freshsales reporting features, we’ve cut down the time taken to generate reports by 60%. Using the sales CRM, we’re able to generate reports anytime and summarize information 10X faster than before. This has immensely improved our productivity. The deal pipeline in Freshsales is also extremely advantageous. Its quick access features—sort, filter, drag and drop, phone, email, tasks—are helping us close deals faster.” – Erica Mannherz


    United States


    Yes, get a free trial


    76 Reviews


    427 Reviews


    76 Reviews

    5. bpm’online CRM – Boost marketing, sales and service performance!

    About bpm’online CRM : Bpm’online is a global business software company leading in the space of business process automation and CRM. The company has been highly recognized as a market leader by key industry analysts. Its intelligent platform accelerates sales, marketing, service and operations for thousands of customers and hundreds of partners worldwide. Bpm’online has been widely recognized by key industry analysts, such as Forrester, Gartner, Nucleus Research) and received multiple industry-specific awards.

    Company Size : 501 – 1000      Employees Founded : 2002

    Specialties : BPM, CRM, sales force automation, marketing automation, service automation, contact center automation, and Financial CRM

    “The bpm’online tools with omnichannel capabilities improved the communication not only with our clients but also within each team and department of our company. Our team had access to all emails, calls, notifications and could track client communications efficiently. It synchronized the work of our marketing, sales and services departments creating a single business environment.” – josef m.


    United Kingdom


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    72 Reviews


    65 Reviews


    72 Reviews

    6. Salesforce Essentials – CRM for small business

    About Salesforce Essentials : Salesforce Essentials is the easy way for small businesses to manage customer relationships and grow faster. It’s easy to set-up, easy to use and grows with your business. Small businesses now get access to the very best of Salesforce, including Trailhead, Einstein, Lightning and AppExchange and Trailhead. And, regardless of how big your company ends up being, Salesforce can grow with you. Try it now for free and you can also get three months of G Suite by Google Cloud at no cost.

    Company Size : 5001 – 10000      Employees Founded : 1999

    Specialties : Enterprise Cloud Computing and Customer Relationship Management

    “Time management and organization are the top reasons to use this software. Being able to include information on new prospects and clients is very helpful and it’s easy to add to do items. The sales funnel process is user friendly and easy for other employees to view.” – Brittney Mulliner

    Salesforce Essentials

    United States




    7 Reviews


    66 Reviews


    27 Reviews

    7. Agile CRM – Sales and marketing CRM for growing businesses

    About Agile CRM : Agile CRM is the world’s first fully integrated sales, marketing and service suite – an All-in-One CRM for small businesses with full sales, marketing and service automation functionality. Agile CRM is used and trusted by over 15,000 customers globally to generate & nurture leads, close deals and support customers. Besides its headquarters in Dallas, TX, Agile CRM maintains offices in India and the Philippines. Agile CRM is the only comprehensive, end-to-end CRM that delivers sales, marketing and support automation to help small and medium businesses manage all parts of a customer journey, from a single platform, in order to drive sustainable, scalable growth.

    Company Size : 51 – 200      Employees Founded : 2013

    Specialties : crm, sales, marketing, saas, gamification, service, telephony, marketing automation, sales enablement, helpdesk automation, email marketing, and eCommerce CRM

    “We have tried 6 CRMs in the past year and this is definitely the best (pricing and features) @agilecrm #crm #SaaS” – Jez John

    Agile CRM



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    246 Reviews


    218 Reviews


    246 Reviews

    8. Copper – (formerly ProsperWorks) The only CRM recommended for Google

    About Copper : Copper (formerly ProsperWorks) is the No.1 crm for G Suite that’s recommended by Google. It works instantly through a seamless integration with G Suite, has a beautiful user experience, and is designed to help teams and businesses build long-lasting relationships. Copper services more than 12,000 paid businesses in more than 110 countries. Headquartered in San Francisco with over 200 employees, the company has raised $87M in venture capital financing to date from Google Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, NextWorld Capital, True Ventures, and Industry Ventures.

    Company Size : 201 – 500      Employees Founded : 2013

    Specialties : crm, Contact management, Lead management, Pipeline management, Opportunity management, and Productivity

    “Copper centralized communication and turned selling into a team sport for us.” – Sarah Gilbert

    Copper Inc.

    United States




    294 Reviews


    331 Reviews


    294 Reviews

    9. RepairShopr – All-in-one platform for repair shops and more.

    About RepairShopr : RepairShopr is an all-in-one system that integrates tickets, CRM, invoices, and marketing into a platform designed for repair shops.

    Company Size : 2 – 10      Employees Founded : 2012

    Specialties : Computer repair shop software and cell phone repair software

    “I spent many years trying to find a replacement product for our environment and I have spent thousands trying different products … This product is better than what I would have done myself and even more and it does the many things well. I like the Issues / CRM / billing / POS / customer intranet, billing / integration features.” – Shawn Mortensen


    United States




    0 Reviews


    8 Reviews


    74 Reviews

    10. InStream – Sales, contact management & relationship automation tool

    About InStream : InStream is a sales, contact management and relationship automation system that offers SMBs a smart platform from which to build, manage and sustain customer relationships. Incorporating a powerful contact database, communication lists and useful reports, InStream aims to deliver a comprehensive customer relationship management solution.

    Company Size : 2 – 10      Employees Founded : 2015

    Specialties : Sales and Business Ralations Management Platform, Helping Sales Team Succeed, Sales Enablement Tool, and Customer Relationship Management

    “CRM systems are only as good as their usability for sales people. InStream allows you to manage all your sales communications from their intuitive dashboard, making your sales team even more efficient” – Mick Griffin





    39 Reviews


    40 Reviews


    39 Reviews

      CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software Definition & Buyer Guide

          CRM stands for Customer relationship management; I hope you can get the complete idea from that; I will help you to understand the exact meaning of Customer Relationship Management Software in the business.

          What is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software?

          CRM software is also known as client relationship management software in the industry. As we all know that customers are called as a client in an enterprise. Basically, CRM software is used to manage customer relationship; you can easily create a great relationship with your customers and easily build brand reputation. CRM Software is a technology boon to align your business process with your customers. You can easily improve your brand consistency in the term of the customer relationship.

          The customer comes at “First” in the term of Customer Relationship Software; it’s a customer-centric solution for businesses where you can find customer behavior regarding your brand. Once your customer is satisfied with your brand products and customer support; it will become a returning customer for your business and I think it’s the most valuable asset for any business. You can easily build successful strategies for your business and easily execute with the help of CRM Software.

          Why is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software Important for Your Business?

          Technology is everywhere and we regularly use to save our time, money and efficiency; Top CRM Software is the best example to understand the growth of technology. You can not only build great customer relationship through your CRM Software Solution rather you can easily organize your critical business information through this software. There are other features which will be helpful for your business; you can find it from here:

          1. Tracking Customer Interactions

          As I told you that CRM software is a Customer-centric solution; you can easily interact with your customers through CRM Software. There are countless customers of businesses and it’s really hard to remember everyone and moreover, you can’t get your customers’ opinion manually. You can easily track your customers’ interaction through this software; you can easily get their past communication data through this software. So it would be easy for the business executives to deal with customers and they can easily resolve the belonging brand issues and increase customers’ satisfaction level.

          2. Customer Data

          It’s really the epic feature of the best customer relationship management software. Any department like sales, marketing, customer support can easily access customers’ data from this software where they can easily get their contact details like email, contact number, mailing address and customers’ past communication through this software. It’s the best thing to sustain the continuity of business.

          3. Critical Business Information

          Every business has its own way and there are so many considerable things to regulate a particular business and critical business information is among one of them. You can easily store and access business information through CRM Software. You can access all business related things and suggestion through the same software. You can easily organize the data and information with the help of CRM software.

          4. Effective Marketing Strategies

          Your marketing team can easily get an idea about who are the business customers; they can easily analysis the customers’ behavior through this software. Every customer is different from others, so customer segmentation is the necessary things for the marketing team. After proper customer segmentation, the marketing team can easily develop a marketing campaign then they can easily execute the campaign to get more profitable business.

          5. Lead Tracking & Sales

          CRM software is also known as Sales CRM Tools; it’s really beneficial tech solution to track the leads and increase the sales of the business. The sales team can easily manage lead through CRM Software moreover CRM software offers pipeline leads management, opportunity management, cross-selling and up-selling management, and activity management. You can easily streamline your sales through Top CRM Software. The software is a helpful feature for the salesperson to get reminders. In short, you can track all the leads related actions and sales activities through this software.

          6. Client and Contracts Record

          The most valuable asset for any business; you can easily get an idea about on-going contracts with the help of CRM software. It’s also a valuable option to save business client details, requirement and other business related things in one place. You can easily access the on-going business aspects and other previous matters through this software.

          7. Vendor & Partner Relationship

          You can not only improve the relationship with your customers but its also helpful option for your business where you can easily build the great relationship with your vendors and business partners. You can get the real-time update through this software. You can also access vendor details and their ongoing activities through this software. You can also analyze past performance of your vendor through CRM software.

          8. Effective Customer Support

          You can easily develop effective customer support through the customer relationship management software. It’s really the best option for the customer service where you can easily access important customer service features like request management, service tracking, and prioritization. This feature really increases customer satisfaction level; you can easily resolve their belonging queries and improve brand efficiency.

          9. For Employee Training

          CRM Software is also a helpful option for the company employee training. You can easily train your new staff with the help of the same software. It’s also beneficial for the existing employees to understand the business workflow and build new strategies for marketing, sales & customer support. Skilled and well-trained employees are the great strength for growing businesses.

          10. Business Continuity

          You can easily maintain and regulate your business activity with the help of best customer relationship management (CRM) Software. You can easily streamline your business workflow through this software. CRM software has the ability to combine all your sales, marketing, and customer services process; you can find all the related information and update at one place and this is the really incredible thing to maintain your business continuity and it’s also valuable feature to increase business profitability.

          How Does CRM (Customer Relationship Software) Work?

          If you would like to improve your customer-centric business, CRM Software is the best option for you where you can easily increase the satisfaction of your customers’ and improve the brand relationship as well.

          Here we can see the most primary key areas of the CRM Software.

          1. Customer-Centric Solution

          CRM is the best tool and it’s really helpful option for the business owners where they can easily improve customer experience.  The software features work around your customer base and you can easily build a genuine and truthful relationship with your customer. You can easily improve customer’s brand opinion with the help of CRM Software. Basically, it provides the simple and powerful way to understand your customer and you can easily improve your customer experience with given feedbacks.

          2. All Customer Data at One Place

          Best CRM Tools are helpful option to gather and store all the customer data in one place; you can easily manage sales data, marketing data, and customer service information at one place. As I told you earlier that you can access all relevant customer contact details like email, contact number, mailing address and interaction history from the software. So it’s the helpful way where you can easily take follow-up and convert leads. All the team can work easily and it’s the best option to collaborate with another department.

          3. Business Process Automation

          Actually, there are two parts of business processes; the first one is a business-facing process and the other one is Customer-facing process. HR activities, budgeting, planning are some of the exclusive features of business-facing process and sales, marketing, customer service are a customer-facing process. So it proves here that CRM software is able to capture a customer-facing process where you can easily manage your marketing, sales and customer services feature.

          Let's brief it – In the customer-facing process, marketing team define marketing goal through CRM software where they can easily do customer segmentation, campaign development and easily execute the campaign. After successful execution of marketing strategies, businesses get leads and the same leads usually puts in CRM software and sales team get a notification to approach the same customer in a concerned manner. Sales team takes the follow-up and converts the same lead into the business module. After completion of successful sales, customer service department resolves the queries and issues of the customer which one related to brand and this thing improve customer experience and also increase the brand value.

          The Powerful Advantages of Using Customer Relationship Software

          Here you can find some ultimate advantages of using CRM Software; it’s a really beneficial option for your business, let’s check the benefits of CRM:

          1. Customer Services Improvement

          It’s the basic things for any businesses and we all know that customer is the king but this thing only possible when you are able to understand the customer’s brand opinion or feelings. You can easily understand the customer needs and expectation through CRM software and it will really help you to improve your customer services. All famous and leading brands are known for their customer’s service, so it’s your time to become big with the best customer services.

          2. Customer Satisfaction is a Goal

          Customer satisfaction is really a prime factor for any business; if your customer is satisfied with your services or products, so it’s confirmed that he/she will visit again for purchasing. Returning clients or customers are the backbone of businesses and you can easily increase the ratio of returning customer by providing the authentic and good customer services. Online CRM Software really makes you able to understand the customer point of view and this thing really gets great satisfaction.

          3. Customer Retention

          If your customer is satisfied, you can easily improve customer retention ratio. If your business has the great growing graph of customer retention, you will easily get a height for your business. The best customer relationship management software will help you to increase your customer retention rate and you can easily do a good business with the help of the same type of software.

          4. Improved Sales Graph

          You can easily acquire a new audience to increase the number of sales and returning and satisfied customers are also a great feature for your business to improve sales ration. So in this way, you can not only manage your customer service activity through your CRM software, but you can also increase your sales through the CRM Software. It’s really the essential feature for any business growth.

          5. New Business

          As I told you in the previous point that you can get the best sales ratio through returning clients and you can also get new medium or audience to improve your sale through customer relationship management (CRM) software. Returning clients are the key factors for business but you need also the new audience to increase your sale so CRM software will also help your business in the same way.

          6. Market Intelligence

          If you are not aware of the market, you can’t do a good business. You can get the complete market idea through the top CRM Software. You can easily access new intelligent ways to understand market features and ways. It’s really the best thing for any business owner. You can easily get an idea about your competitor and relevant market through CRM software. This market Intelligence feature improves your business level to get more beneficial leads for your business.

          7. Reduce Costs

          Quality work strategies and efficiency really make business powerful but it really needs the big amount of money to improve brand level but using the best CRM software, you can easily reduce overall business costs and easily take height for your business. It’s a really cost-effective solution for the business continuity and business development. You can easily improve your brand level through the best online CRM software. It’s time to increase your marketing strategies, sales, and customer services through CRM Software.

          8. Decision Making Power

          You can easily improve your decision making power through the best customer relationship management software. You can get complete idea about what’s going on your different departments like in marketing, sales and customer service department. So after getting the clear picture of your business, you can easily improve your decision feature and this is the best thing for any business development.

          9. Access Real Data

          You can easily access real crucial data through CRM Software. You can also access CRM tool through your mobile and easily get relevant information like customer communication, purchase histories, contracts, email histories, inventory status and much more. So it would be easy for you; now you can access CRM Software from anywhere via any type of device.

          10. Productivity Tool

          You can easily enhance your productivity through CRM Software. As I previously mentioned that you can easily store crucial data and information in CRM Software and share with others and access it from anywhere. So this thing really improves the collaboration and every department can easily enhance their productivity level through it.

          How To Get the Right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software for Your Business?

          CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software works for any size of business; if you are big enterprise or small business owner, you can use CRM software as per your needs. Before choosing the best CRM Solution for your business, you need to consider these things. Please check here:

          1. Goal Feature

          If you are really serious about to get CRM software for your business, you need to think about that your Goal feature. Just ask yourself that what are you looking for your business and decide your goal. Once you are able to find your exact goal, you can go for that. You need to find that how you can control and improve your marketing, sales and customer services through CRM Software. This thing will help you to get the right option for your business.

          2. Integration Feature

          You need to think about that what other software you already own and what type of integration you are looking for. You can easily integrate your existing accounting, e-commerce, ERP, web portals, social media, database and much more thing to your CRM software. So just check the software ability of integration. This feature will make your process smoother and it’s also the crucial aspect for you if you are going to buy CRM software for your business.

          3. Budget Feature

          Budget is one of the crucial features and it’s really considerable for you in the case of if you are going to buy CRM software.  Basically there are two types of CRM software; first is On-premises CRM software and another one is called as Web-based CRM. Web-based CRM is also known as an online CRM Software. On-Premises Software is the costlier option and it usually uses in big enterprises and web-based CRM (Online CRM Software) is an affordable option for the mid-sized or small businesses.

          4. Employee Feature

          It’s time to think about your employees and also thinks about how they use the CRM software to increase business. You must have a complete idea about your business and you need also consider your employees when you are thinking to buy CRM Software. Just ask yourself that how your employee stores the data and use CRM to improve their productivity level and after clearing the step, you can move forward to your CRM.

          Types of CRM Software Solutions:

          Basically, there are two types of CRM Software in the market and you can use them as per your convenient. You can find it from here.

          1. On–Premises CRM Software

          On-Premises Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is really the useful option for the larger organizations. These big organizations easily use On-Premises CRM software because they have dedicated IT department and they can easily afford this solution even they can easily organize all the business data and everything in their company. We can find the ultimate features of On-Premises CRM Software from here and you can easily get an idea about that.

          - It’s the less-risky feature because of on-premise location.
          - You can easily take control of all systems and data
          - It requires up-front capital costs where you can get hardware, software, and license.
          - If you need customization in CRM, you can make it perfect through Vendor
          - Most probably, On-Premises CRM software can’t be accessible through mobile devices.
          - You can easily integrate other platforms and software to your CRM with the help of vendor support.
          - It’s the costlier than Web-based CRM

          2. Web-Based CRM Software (Online CRM Software)

          Web-based CRM is also called an Online CRM Software and Cloud CRM Solution; it’s the most important option for the mid-sized and small business. Business owners and brand employee can easily access CRM Software through the web and it needs an Internet connection to work. It’s really reliable and affordable option for those who really don’t want to invest lots of money in CRM software. We can find some exclusive features of online CRM software from here.

          - You can use it as per monthly subscription. You can pay user wise and month wise and use the CRM as per your budget consideration.
          - The useful hardware and software are provided by the Vendor, you don’t need to buy it.
          - You can easily access online CRM software through your mobile browser or app from anywhere.
          - Online CRM Software really offers limited integration for other software.
          - Its one type of Saas Application and the vendor controls all the system and data for you.
          - You don’t need to pay anything for the installation and doesn’t need IT backup to maintain your software. It’s all provided by the Vendor.
          - There is a possible less risk feature because of Saas apps works via the Internet but it’s almost secure for the users.

          So, both choices are the best for you. You can choose the best option as per your needs and business sizes. It’s time to improve your business efficiency and increase your customer-facing process where you can easily increase the level of your marketing, sales and customer services.

          You can easily get an idea about how to choose the best customer relationship management software (CRM Software) through this buyer guide.

          If you find any queries and looking for more information, feel free to ask me.